09 April 2010

Command Line Scanner - Wilders Security Forums

Command Line Scanner - Wilders Security Forums
At the bottom of this page is a post that explains how to set ESET command line scanner (ecls.exe) to work with winrar as it's internal virus scanner.

08 April 2010

Index of /pub/samba/3.3/centos/5/i386

Here's a possible answer to connecting Windows 7 workstations to a centos 5 domain controller.
It is the sernet rpm repository.
The CentOS 5 forums or wiki will be able to help you regarding using 3rd party yum repositories . I will put it to the test soon and report on the result. That post may be a week or so in the future. Which may be the next post, considering how often I update this blog. :-)

Update 28-04-2010
Total success using the sernet rpm's. Method was to backup the /etc/samba and the /var/spool/samba directories into .tgz archives, using tar with --preserve to keep all file permissions. (just in case!)
Next I downloaded the necessary rpm files from sernet into an empty directory, and manually found the required dependencies by doing an rpm -Uvh *.rpm --test and then downloading the extra files from the sernet repository and doing rpm -Uvh *.rpm --test until no errors were shown.
I was uncertian if an upgrade (rpm -Uvh *.rpm) would be successful. However serching the internet for others who also upgraded their samba this way indicated an upgrade was the way to go. So having considered the actions required to restore the system to the present status, and knowing I had the tools and the data to achieve this. I did the rpm -Uvh *.rpm in the sernet rpm directory.
the upgrade proceeded with no errors. I needed to do a "service samba start" to get things rolling. Also required was "chkconfig --add samba" and "chkconfig samba on" to bring things back to where they were with samba auto starting at boot-up.
Testing with Windows 7 workstations joining the domain showed it was indeed doing what was expected. the workstations now conencted to the domain.
A happy ending to the CentOS 5 Server and Windows 7 Workstation saga.
You could simply enable the sernet repository and do "yum upgrade samba", however I chose this method so I knew exactly what was going to happen, rather than hope yum got it right. (which it mostly does)