23 November 2003

Unix -> General Tools -> dnstracer

A tool for visually tracking the sequece of DNS requests

13 November 2003

CVS :: CVS Checkout of iptables (revision "iptables configuration.Hopefully a sensible automatic configuration of iptables"

12 November 2003

Memory Management in Win98 & ME: "Windows 98 & WinME
Memory Management"
Bienvenue sur le site de SecurIT Informatique Inc.

The SIDTk 1.0 is a collection of tools aimed at improving host-based intrusion detection conditions on Windows desktops and servers. Some of these tools have originally been shipped with LogAgent 4.0, some others are natural evolutions of pieces of code introduced with LogAgent 4.0 and LogIDS 1.0 Pro, while the others are based on variations of the same principle. It is easy to create new modules based on the same model, and the code is completely Open Source.
Hmmmm .. so. A new way to keep track of things I'm working with. I expect I'll either get the hang of using this thing ... or I'll leave it, like a car out of petrol, and move on to something that works for me.

Only time and usability will now decide it's fate.