05 December 2009

This made using the old version of Copernic Desktop Search much less painful.
This is extracted from the second last post in a forum at.

http://depositfiles.com/en/files/6936586 contained a copy of the version mentioned at this time.

I've got Copernic running perfectly now!
The best free version they ever made - version 2.30 - build 30.
Got it from the link on this forum.

Find the ApplicationConfig.ini file at
C:\Program Files\Copernic Desktop Search 2\FileRepository\50

and change the first line AdEnabled="True"
to AdEnabled="False"

No update nag
Just put your clock forward a few years, open Copernic, click Cancel to the update, then put your clock back to today.
I didn't need to mess with the registry (as above).

This program was by far the best desktop search, and with these changes it's perfect!

01 December 2009

SysAdminHell: "Proxy PAC Files, How to Use With Laptops and Local Bypass"

Sorting out Proxy PAC files has been one of my pet hates since I spent hours trying to make sense out of a dozen different how-to's each with their own typos and errors built in to them.
This one helps you stay sane while (possibly) fixing your Proxy PAC problems.