22 June 2006

Here is a simple explanation of the centos & redhat alternatives system. This is for having multiple versions of java or whatever installed.
This specificaly targets java, and works with either jre or jdk.

www.centos.org - Forums - Application & Software Support - Adding Java 1.5.0_06 to alternatives system?
An interesting project that I will definately build on centos4.
I need to read a bit more about it at present, only skimmed through dependencies, gotchas and such so far.

This link is to the installation guide. Other links to the rest of the project are on the same page.

SourceForge.net: OpenNMS Installation Guide

12 June 2006

Index of /~paul/pptp

Redhat and CentOS pptp yum /up2date site. Uses dkms to build and install the required kernel module.

11 June 2006

sweeteners: "Alternative


I don't believe that Australia doesn't listen to the individual experts. Aspartame is a poison that can cause birth defects and arthritic like joint disorders. Even America has investigated the blackouts (petit mal seizures) it has caused pilots while they are in control of aeroplanes. There is even an Aspartame toxicity centre. As a weight loss method it fails totally due to it's effect of causing carbohydrate cravings which in fact cause a gain in weight.
When will we learn that simple sugars are, at least, a natural substance, and is recognised by the immune, and other body systems, and as such are not an intruder in the human body.

Have a search on your favourite search engine for a few topics, such as - aspartame toxicity - aspartame neurotoxin - and see what you find.

02 June 2006

InfoWorld ProdBlog | InfoWorld | Network Instruments bolsters Observer with NetFlow and sFlow integration | April 24, 2006 01:00 AM | By Ted Samson

Cut and pasted from the article.

Network Instruments today revealed a host of enhancements to Observer, the company's flagship network analysis solution.
Among them, Observer offers integration with Cisco NetFlow and HP sFlow data collection. NetFlow, available within most Cisco switches and routers, tracks routed IP traffic through every visible port, and it can deliver high-level application-usage statistics. sFlow, supported by a range of networking and application vendors, offers layer 2 to layer 7 visibilities and provides real-time congestion monitoring, audit trail analysis, and more.
According to Douglas Smith, president and CEO of Minneapolis-based Network Instruments, admins will be able to view the "5,000-foot level" NetFlow and sFlow data from the Observer interface. If a network abnormality is detected, an admin can use Observer to drill down on application performance, review response times, and identify latency.
Also new to Observer is application-analysis support for Citrix, and VoIP analysis support for Avaya and Mitel systems.
Support for NetFlow, sFlow, Citrix Application Analysis, and expanded Avaya and Mitel support is included at no additional cost with Expert Observer, which sells for $2,895.