12 June 2009

Bash by example, Part 2

Bash by example, Part 2: "Bash by example, Part 2"

IBM's contribution to learning the Bash shell and associated scripting commands.
This is the part that covers conditional constructs such as "if" and moves on to deal with "for" and "case" etc.

09 June 2009

TCP Segment of a Reassembled PDU - PHWinfo

TCP Segment of a Reassembled PDU - PHWinfo: "TCP Segment of a Reassembled PDU"

However this series of communications is more about the MTU problem diagnostic process. The problems introduced by dropping _all_ ping packets is discussed as are the habits of the Microsoft TCP stack.
Some good information for trouble shooting slow data transfers on the same network segment.

08 June 2009

Bash Guide for Beginners

Bash Guide for Beginners: "Bash Guide for Beginners"

Here's a good tutorial on Bash and the associated scripting languages and/or commands